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Frey Village disputes state data of coronavirus case in employee, says no workers or residents tested positive


Frey Village is disputing that it has had an employee test positive for COVID-19, as was reported Tuesday by the state Department of Health.

The state reported Tuesday that Frey Village, 1020 N. Union St., has 0 resident cases, fewer than 5 employee cases, and 0 deaths. For facilities where any of the above categories have fewer than 5 reported, the information is redacted due to patient or employee privacy. So the information only indicates that Frey Village had fewer than 5.

Bill Swanger, senior vice president for corporate communications and public relations for Diakon Senior Living Services, which owns Frey Village, told the Press & Journal on Wednesday that there are no employees or residents at Frey Village who have tested positive. He said it was an issue with the state chart.

“All of our communities are working with the state to rectify any data that is incorrect,” Swanger said in an email.

The state says that there is an employee-connected case, however, Department of Health spokesman Nate Wardle told the Press & Journal on Wednesday.

Wardle said he could not speak specifically to Frey Village. However, he said the mostly likely way that Frey Village would have an employee case would happen this way: Someone tested positive for coronavirus at a testing location somewhere in the state. A case investigation found that the person who tested positive is working or has worked at Frey Village.

Wardle said that the employee could be anyone who works in the facility, not just medical staff. It could be on the cleaning crew or kitchen staff.

“We are constantly working to make sure the data we provide is accurate,” he said.

The Press & Journal has reached out to Swanger for further clarification.

The positive case was arrived at using the department’s PA-NEDSS system, which stands for National Electronic Disease Surveillance System. All the information on the cases and deaths at Pennsylvania’s long-term-care facilities is gathered this way. However, that is not the way the department would like to gather the information, Wardle said.

“Moving forward, we will be mandating that facilities are reporting, and reporting the necessary information as has been ordered,” Wardle said.